Ten Books Covering Special Topics in Tarot

Aeclectic Tarot is a great source for tarot book reviews!

  1. Ricklef, James. Tarot Tells the Tale: Explore Three-Card Readings through Familiar Stories. Llewellyn. 2003. A delightful book which includes three-card readings for famous literary and historical characters. It also has a great key to the Tarot in its appendix.
  2. Braden, Nina Lee. Tarot for Self Discovery. Llewellyn. 2002. This book is unique in that it does not include interpretations of the cards, nor does it address divination. What it does have is wonderful exercises for using the cards for personal growth.
  3. Michelsen, Teresa. Designing Your Own Tarot Spreads. Llewellyn. 2003. A helpful book covering all aspects of spread design.
  4. MacGregor, Trish and Phyllis Vega. Power Tarot: More than 100 Spreads that Give Specific Answers to Your Most Important Questions. Fireside. 1998.
  5. Renée, Janina. Tarot Spells. Llewellyn. 2002. Gives meditation and visualization exercises and affirmations to use with suggested layouts.
  6. Amberstone, Ruth Ann and Amberstone, Wald. Tarot Tips: Special Topics in Tarot. Llewellyn. 2003. Ruth Ann and Wald Amberstone founded the Tarot School in New York City. This book is a compilation of questions about Tarot sent to their online-newsletter of the same title. For a free subscription to the newsletter and to check out the courses and resources the Tarot School has to offer, go to www.tarotschool.com.
  7. Thomson, Sandra, Robert E. Mueller, Signe E. Echols. The Heart of the Tarot—The Two-Card Layout: Easy, Fast, Insightful. HarperSanFrancisco. 2000. Focuses on simple two-card layout which could be used daily. Provides an interpretation of each card in each of the two possible positions.
  8. Kenner, Corrine. Tarot Journaling: Using the Celtic Cross to Unveil Your Hidden Story. Llewellyn Publications. 2006. Techniques for keeping a tarot journal. Visit Corrine’s site at www.tarotjournaling.com.
  9. Jette, Christine. Professional Tarot: The Business of Reading, Consulting & Teaching. Llewellyn Publications. 2004.
  10. Rosengarten, Arthur. Tarot and Psychology: Spectrums of Possibility. Paragon House. 2000. Rosengarten is a licensed clinical psychologist and professional Tarot reader. This is a great book focusing on the use of Tarot in psychotherapy. Rosengarten has his own web site at www.artrosengarten.com.

2 Responses to “Ten Books Covering Special Topics in Tarot”

  1. jamesricklef Says:

    Hi Susan,
    I have finally gotten around to creating a Tarot Blog. As a result of this process, I did some searching through other Blogs and came across this post. Thanks for mentioning my book, Tarot Tells the Tale.
    By the way, I have more books available now, and if you’re interested, you can read about them here:
    Bright Blessings,
    James Ricklef

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