Do you have to be psychic to read the cards?

No! Here’s what you need:

Intuition. Have you ever gotten the sense that a friend might be saying one thing but feeling another? Well, then you have intuition, and it will serve you well as a tarot reader. A person might be voicing one question when he or she is really concerned about something else entirely. Your role as a reader is to be a good listener and help get to the heart of the matter.

Each card has a range of meaning, not all of which is pertinent to a particular reading. Your role is also to intuit which aspect of the cards’ meanings might be most helpful.

Sensitivity. Like a good therapist, a tarot reader should never tell a person what he or she should do, nor should a reader judge a person’s values or predict what they think is going to happen. The role of the reader is to empower others to achieve clarity and find their own solutions.

Also, no matter what cards turn up, everyone should walk away from a tarot reading feeling good. A negative card can validate a person’s experience, and ideally the reading will also give the person ideas about how to work through their stress or sadness.

A sense of imagination and an ability to think in metaphor. A tarot reader should be able to see the spectrum of possibilities the cards offer and discover metaphors and stories in their images.

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