Take a Tarot Test (3) Boats and Ships

Without looking at your deck, make a list of all the cards that have either a ship or a boat. Click “Read the Rest of this entry” to see a list of the five cards in the Rider-Waite deck that have these vessels and what they symbolize.

  1. Death
  2. King of Cups
  3. Three of Wands
  4. Six of Swords
  5. Two of Pentacles

*We might also include the Judgement card, which has boxes or coffins floating on the water.

Water represents our emotions and unconscious motivations, so when you see a boat or ship in a card, it is encouraging you to think about how mindful you are of your feelings and what is motivating you. Are you gliding along the surface of your experiences? Or are you submerged in deep thought and awareness?

Boats can also symbolize travel or a metaphorical journey which brings about transformation—this is particularly true of the boat in the Six of Swords and the ship in the Death card.

The following idioms might also be helpful when considering the significance of a boat or ship:

  • to ride the waves
  • to wait for one’s ships to come in
  • to miss the boat
  • smooth sailing
  • to rock the boat

One Response to “Take a Tarot Test (3) Boats and Ships”

  1. Wayne Nciholson Says:

    Excellent information! 🙂

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