Choose Your Card for the Week of 5/20/07

If you are viewing this entry on Sunday or Monday, choose the card below that best illustrates how you expect your week to go. At the end of the week you can see if things went as anticipated.

If you are viewing this entry anytime between Tuesday and Thursday, choose the card below that best illustrates how your week is going. On Sunday you can see if anything unexpected happened to change your feelings.

If you are viewing this entry on Friday or Saturday, choose the card below that best illustrates how your week has gone.

Don’t worry about what the cards mean. Base your choice on the pictures—the stories they tell and how they make you feel.

Let us know which card you chose—post a comment! Click on Read the rest of this entry to read about the card you chose.

The SunEight of SwordsAce of Cups

Eight of PentaclesTwo of PentaclesJudgement

The Sun: The rays of The Sun are far-reaching and radiate warmth and light in all directions. The Sun brings matters into the open, and makes them visible. It symbolizes clarity and enlightenment, exuberance and vitality. Key words and phrases: bringing things into the open, clarity, enlightenment, vitality

Eight of Swords: A woman is blindfolded, tied up and surrounded on three sides by a fence of swords. The Eight of Swords signifies paralysis, feeling restricted, or stuck, the inability to make a decision or notice options. The imagery suggests that the woman could easily walk away or use a sword to cut the cloth that binds her—reminding us that things are not always as bad as they seem. She need only recognize her power in order to be free. Key words and phrases: paralysis, feeling stuck, reflection before action, needing to make a decision, failing to see options

Ace of Cups: Each of the Ace cards depicts the hand of a divine being holding the suit’s symbol, representing the suit’s essential energy. Aces also signify beginnings and potential, so The Ace of Cups can symbolize opening up, listening to your heart, feeling deeply about a cause—or having love or compassion for someone, paying attention to your intuition and messages from dreams. It can also symbolize the beginning of a relationship or romance. Key words and phrases: emotional release, compassion, new love, listening to your heart

Eight of Pentacles: An apprentice hammers pentacles into discs at his workbench. The Eight of Pentacles signifies the importance of hands-on experience and the patience and diligence required in learning a new skill. It reminds us of the familiar adage, “Practice makes perfect” and encourages us to “hammer away at” our goals. Key words and phrases: patience, hard work, “hammering away at it,” “practice makes perfect”

Two of Pentacles: A man juggles pentacles while ships ride on a rough sea behind him. The Two of Pentacles represents an extended period of juggling responsibilities or “riding the waves.” This card encourages us to find balance between work and play, and between being practical and spontaneous. It can also symbolize the oppressive feeling of being “on stage”—the pressure to be entertaining or engaging, especially in a work situation. Key words and phrases: juggling, balance, play, riding the waves, being on stage

Judgement: In the Judgement card, the sound of the angel’s trumpet is a call to take an honest look at oneself, to atone, make amends, and to seek and give forgiveness in order to start anew. Judgement can also symbolize any call to take action. Key words and phrases: taking an honest look at oneself, making amends, seeking or giving forgiveness, a call to action

2 Responses to “Choose Your Card for the Week of 5/20/07”

  1. Jared Says:

    I chose the Eight of Swords because I have been sick all weekend and am feeling paralyzed as I try to decide whether or not I should go to work tomorrow. It will be a hard week anyway since I feel like my hands are tied regarding several issues.

  2. CarlenLea Says:

    I chose the eight of pentacles. It’s Tuesday, and I’ve just gotten back to work after the holiday weekend. I spent yesterday working on the workshops I’ll be presenting at FSG, cleaning my house, and stuff for my group.

    I’m definitely feeling like I need to keep “hammering away” at all the work I need to do.

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