Choose Your Card for the Week of May 27, 2007

If you are viewing this entry on Sunday or Monday, choose the card below that best illustrates how you expect your week to go. At the end of the week you can see if things went as anticipated.

If you are viewing this entry anytime between Tuesday and Thursday, choose the card below that best illustrates how your week is going. On Sunday you can see if anything unexpected happened to change your feelings.

If you are viewing this entry on Friday or Saturday, choose the card below that best illustrates how your week has gone.

Don’t worry about what the cards mean. Base your choice on the pictures—the stories they tell and how they make you feel.

Let us know which card you chose—post a comment! Click on Read the rest of this entry to read about the card you chose.

The Devil7 of CupsThe Moon

5 of SwordsKing of Pentacles10 of Wands

XV The Devil
The Devil can symbolize playfulness and fun, the appreciation of material and sensual pleasures. But The Devil card also warns that overindulgence in this realm can distract us from the truth, with the resulting ignorance leading to oppression. There is an additional lesson to be learned from the man and woman in the card who seem to have accepted or become accustomed to their enslavement and are unwilling or unaware of their ability to remove the loose chains from around their necks.

Seven of Cups
A magician conjures up a cloud with seven cups, each containing a gift. The Seven of Cups can signify choice or the need to determine reality from illusion—evoking the adage “All that glitters is not gold.” It can also symbolize a rich imagination—the ability to dream and envision possibilities—and the challenges inherent in turning fantasies into reality.

XVIII The Moon
In The Moon card, the lobster coming out of the water represents something of significance emerging from our subconscious, like messages from dreams. The moon creates shadows and illusions, stimulating our imagination and intuition. The wolf represents the wild in us—the part of us that is motivated by a desire for fun or adventure, or perhaps instinct, or survival. The dog represents the tame in us—the part of us that is motivated by social norms and conventions, or a desire for domestic stability.

Five of Swords
A man picks up swords that have been relinquished by two other figures. The interpretation of the Five of Swords largely depends upon the figure with whom we most identify. The man in the foreground can represent taking pleasure in outsmarting another, or the smug feeling we might have when mentally prepared for a challenge. The figure before the water symbolizes the times we have ruminated over a loss or injustice, or have felt remorse for not having been prepared to meet a challenge or volatile situation. The man leaving the scene offers an alternative approach—he accepts what has happened and vows to be better prepared in the future.

King of Pentacles
The King of Pentacles sits on his throne on a balcony of his castle with grape vines and flowers growing wildly around him. This card represents a prosperous person who has earned distinction but also remains down-to-earth and enjoys and shares abundance without being ostentatious. He or she can also be generous in providing resources and connections to help others achieve their ambitions.

Ten of Wands
A man is weighed down by the bundle of sticks he carries. The Ten of Wands stands for the times we take on more than we can handle and feel overwhelmed, overextended, burned out, or resentful of our obligations. This card encourages us to lighten our burdens by reassessing priorities, setting limits, and delegating responsibility.

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