Tarot Podcasts

I have two tarot podcasts to recommend today.

The first is by Tarot-To-Go. Here you can listen to interviews by tarot wonderfuls such as Mary K. Greer who wrote the classic book Tarot for Yourself and her most recent, 21 Ways To Read a Tarot Card; Lon Milo Duquette who wrote Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot and The Chicken Qabalah of Rabbi Lamed Ben Clifford; and James Wanless of the Voyager Tarot, a unique deck of collage images. If you are out there studying tarot alone, you will also enjoy the company of the host of the show, Anastasia, who also has stimulating conversations with her cohosts about tarot books they have read as well as a variety of other topics. Be sure to have a listen:

Tarot-To-Go: http://www.tarot-to-go.net/Podcasts.html

I also highly recommend The Tarot Connection, hosted by Leisa ReFalo. There is a huge range of topics such as creative visualizations, deck reviews, and interviews with tarot professionals about reading on 900 lines. I thought I’d check it out while doing the dishes, and, let’s just say the dishes didn’t get done. I was glued to the computer. Many well-known tarotists can be heard in these episodes. Here are just a few: Ellen Lorenzi-Prince, Bonnie Cehovet, James Ricklef, Teresa Michelsen, James Wanless, Jeanette Roth and Dan Pelletier of The Tarot Garden, and Ginny Hunt. Did I mention that The Tarot Connection site is also gorgeous? Enjoy:

The Tarot Connection: http://www.tarotconnection.net/

I must say a special word about Ginny Hunt, author of the blog 78 Notes To Self: A Tarot Journal. The blog is as snappy as its title! Ginny has a regular segment on The Tarot Connection podcast, and if you scroll down on the home page of her blog, you can directly access her segments on the tarot court, which will forever influence how you look at those cards.

You can get a free subscription to these podcasts through the iTunes store.

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