Take a Tarot Test! (4) Inside out!

This Saturday I’m co-teaching a Writing with the Tarot workshop in San Francisco. While preparing an exercise on setting, I realize that almost all of the cards in the Rider-Waite deck are set outside!

Can you name five Rider-Waite cards that are set inside? (There may be a few more than five—some of the settings are ambiguous.)

Click read the rest of this entry to see which cards I have identified.

Cards set inside:

Four of Swords—in a church

Nine of Swords—in a bedroom

Nine of Cups—in a man’s home, his trophies/cups lined up behind him

Three of Pentacles—in a church

The Hierophant—I think they are inside the church, though I could be convinced otherwise.)

The following seem ambiguous to me:

The Devil—Hmm. Just where is hell anyway?

Justice—Usually justice is in a courtroom, but there’s something about that veil that throws me off.
Seven of Cups—That looks like blue sky and clouds, but then again, this fantasy could be projected from anywhere.

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