Five Ways To Wrap up a Reading

1. Tell a story based on the images in the reading. Your story does not need to strictly focus on the content of the reading or an interpretation of the cards.

Here’s an example story using the Knight of Swords, the Four of Swords and Eight of Cups:


Knight of Swords Four of Swords Eight of Cups
The Knight of Swords charges on his horse, racing from one destination to another on a quest for answers. When he does not find the answers he seeks, he takes refuge in a church. He turns inward and realizes he has some emotional healing to do. He ceremoniously stacks his cups—his memories and emotions—on the shore of a lake, and heads for higher ground.

2. Come up with a plan of action. Make a list of three concrete things you can do to work towards a desired outcome for your circumstances.

3. Identify the card in the reading that feels most helpful. You might leave it out somewhere where you will see it throughout the day.

4. If the reading is unsettling in any way, go through the deck face up and seach for a card that will give you a new perspective or the strength you need to face your circumstances.

5. Record the reading in a journal. You don’t need to write extensively. You might include the date, the question, the cards that came up, and a sentence summarizing the overall message of the reading. For example, with the cards shown above, I might write, “I’m moving too fast on this decision (Knight of Swords). I need to sleep on it (Four of Swords) and then move forward (Eight of Cups).” You might also record the card that seems most helpful and perhaps an adjective or two describing how you felt at the beginning and/or end of the reading.

One Response to “Five Ways To Wrap up a Reading”

  1. IT Tips Says:

    Interesting thoughts here. I appreciate you taking the time to share them with us all. It’s people like you that make my day 🙂

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