A conversation piece

Wanna show the world you’re obsessed with tarot? Try this!

Living Room

Tarot Magnet Board

Here’s all you need:

  • a spare copy of your favorite deck
  • a roll of magnetic strip from your local craft store—my neighborhood hardware store carries this, also
  • a 31″ x 23″ dry erase board from an office supply store such as Office Depot (they probably come in other sizes, too)

Adhere small pieces of the magnetic strip to the backs of your favorite cards*, lay them out on the board, and hang it in an eye-catching place—as if all those cards wouldn’t be eye catching anywhere! Shuffle them around when you need a change.

*I can fit four rows of ten cards using the standard-sized Rider-Waite deck.

I actually prepared this board for a beginning tarot class that I’m co-teaching with my friend Carole on the 14th. Each row shows a different suit, Ace through Ten. (Unfortunately, the court cards don’t fit.) The idea is to be able to see the progression of each suit in its row and each group of numbers by column.

I had the board propped up against the couch for a couple days, and my husband and I kept commenting on it. We finally decided to put it up. I see stories and connections wherever my eye lands. I just glanced over at it, and my attention went to the figure in the Nine of Swords who sits up in bed with her hands covering her face. No wonder she’s had a nightmare. On one side of her, in the Eight of Swords, a woman is blindfolded, tied up and surrounded by a fence of swords, and on the other side, in the Ten of Swords, a man lies with ten swords in his back! Not exactly a recipe for sweet dreams.

Anyway, this should make a fun conversation piece!

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  1. fencing Says:

    How to keep my puppy from jummping the fence?

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