The Ace of Wands: In Search of Fresh Soil

Ace of Wands


I just repotted some plants. Have you ever put off that task for just a tad too long? The plant gets stuck in the pot, roots growing through the water holes at the bottom. You pull and rip and tear to get the plant out and then hope there isn’t too much damage to prevent it from thriving in a new situation.

While I played tug of war with a particularly stubborn ficus, I kept seeing that branch from the Ace of Wands, except in my vision, it had roots trailing under it. The divine hand was transporting the sapling to a slightly larger pot, or perhaps a meadow with the perfect amount of both sunlight and shade.

I’d like to imagine that divine hand plucking me out of a situation before I become rootbound. Alas, I’ve learned not to rely upon divine intervention. I must do it for myself, hard as it is.

The Ace of Wands can represent a spark of imagination, the beginning of a project, or the first stages of a creative pursuit—any of which may be just what we need when we feel our roots rotting.

*    *    *
Exercise for Reflection:

Find a card in the deck that represents a situation or a relationship that you have outgrown. Find another card that represents how you imagine you would feel if you were to move on.

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