To Share or not To Share: Coming out as a Tarotist

I don’t often talk about my tarot work with others because I’m afraid of being judged. I’m not a psychic but people will think that I think I’m a psychic. People will think that I think I’m a fortune teller. People will think I’m a whacko or weirdo or a spacey new-aged hippy. Or maybe they’ll respond that tarot is the work of the devil or against their religion. I worry that I’ll be shut down or won’t get the opportunity to explain that I’m attracted to tarot because it’s a wonderful tool for self-reflection and creative expression—that I’ve never once used it to make a prediction.

This afternoon I finished a six-day intensive teacher education course in order to renew my credential. On the first day—of course—the professor asked us to introduce ourselves to a partner. And—of course—we were to share something personal as well as a little about our teaching experience. This is uncomfortable for an introvert, and for and introverted tarot reader, it’s a nightmare. My partner started oil painting four years ago. Lucky her. Me? Um. Well. Hmm. I like to write fiction, I said. (Never mind that I haven’t touched my novel in about a year.)

A few days later, I got a little braver. When we were asked to share something that was going on in our lives with a small group, I told them that I had just taught a beginning tarot workshop. Another classmate said that he was into tarot and different forms of divination and then we moved on with the next phase of the activity. Phew.

Today, as we finished our finals and were saying our goodbyes, my classmate wanted to know more about the workshop I did. I gave him my business card, and the professor noticed the exchange. “Why didn’t you share this with the whole class?” She asked.

“Well, not everyone’s into tarot,” I said sheepishly.

What she said next will stay with me even more than the wealth of wisdom I have filed away over the six days. She said something like this: “The universe doesn’t give everyone the opportunity to learn about and try different things. If people learn about something from someone they admire, they might develop an interest in it or gain a new perspective on it. That’s why I give students the opportunity to share.”


My professor made me realize that if I want to see tarot go mainstream—and I do, I do, I do—then I need to be willing to talk it up when I get the opportunity and not worry about misconceptions people might have or how I might be judged.

Thanks Professor C !


One Response to “To Share or not To Share: Coming out as a Tarotist”

  1. Dan Says:

    You are so right. It will take time and though it is hard to explain just how it works pecicely, I have come to believe it does. I was skeptical when a close friend to the girl Iwas dating read for me using an ordinary deck of playing cards. Some of what she predicted culd be obviously summised, but the cards were there and I saw them and for those points I came to know those were the correct reads for those cards. All things had come to pass in the time she stated save one thing about money that was mine though tied up somehow and not easy to get to. A couple months after loosing a job and having to go through the process to get my 401K money out of the company it hit me that it had occurred to the month.
    Well that kind of freaked me out, but it also openend my mind. There is something to many things beyond our scientific understandings. Things we have been blinded to over the centuries. Just like computer tecnology though it is a tool that can be used I believe for the purposes from which you draw your energies.
    On a personal note I just did the determining of my birth card and it was another one of those freak out moments. (Yes I double checked the math) For years now Ihave had reads identify the Magician for me outside of my normal significator card. I am humble and unassuming and would always say when regarding this to people that I felt to be more the Fool than the Magician. Here I sit though having that indicated as my birth card and again it is one of those moments like calling forth for a card and cutting it straight out of the deck. Are these significant in any real tangable way I must wonder, but I do think there is something more than coincitental ranom fate at work here.

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