Episode 1 of the Tarot Table Talk Podcast


The Fool

You can listen to Episode 1 of the Tarot Table Talk Podcast—Observing the Fool—by clicking here, or you may read the transcript below. A complete listing of the Tarot Table Talk Podcast episodes may be found on The Magician’s Table website.

Episode 1, in MP3 format is 10.7 MB and approximately 8 minutes long.

* * *

Welcome to the first episode of Tarot Table Talk. I’m Susan Gold. This podcast provides hands-on exercises for experienced tarot enthusiasts as well as those who are new to the cards.

In addition to a variety of exercises, there will be a series of episodes that demonstrate ways you can use the tarot to inspire both personal and creative writing. There will also be another series of self-reflective exercises to help you celebrate the Celtic holidays.

I thought I would kick off this show with an exercise to guide you into The Fool card from the Rider-Waite deck. This will be similar to a creative visualization except that it will not be a personal self-reflective journey. Your primary role in this exercise is as an observer.

I will begin by describing the card in detail and then suggest scenarios and possibilities for you to imagine. Hopefully stories will emerge to help you develop a better understanding of who The Fool is. If you like to write fiction, you might want to have a pen and pad of paper nearby to jot some notes. You might choose to have The Fool in front of you, or you can close your eyes—if you’re not driving—and simply listen.

If you don’t usually work with the Rider-Waite deck, no worries, you may think of this as a comparative study.
Here we go.

The Fool stands on the edge of a precipice. He has blonde hair past his ears, and a cap with a long red plume. He holds a pole over his right shoulder—it could be a cue stick—on which he has attached a small leather sack. He’s taken care to dress for this journey. He dons a long-sleeved white tunic under another belted tunic—a busy garb with an orange, yellow and green pattern and wild wing-like flowing sleeves. He has mustard stockings and yellow boots.

The sky is bright yellow with a round white sun in the right corner of the card. The Fool carries a white rose in his left hand—his left arm is extended out from his side as if he were a tight-rope walker, or maybe he imagines that he is conducting a symphony, or perhaps he is simply trying to keep the rose out of reach of the little white dog that yaps at his feet. In the background are majestic, snowy mountains, though the ground beneath his feet is dry, barren and rocky.

He doesn’t seem to realize that he is at the edge of a cliff, and possibly about to take a fatal step. His head is thrown back as if to bask in the sun or to better take in the fresh air—or perhaps he’s just a drama queen and always walks around like that.

How does The Fool find himself at the edge of a cliff? Where are the guardrails? Did he miss the warning signs that said, Stay on the path. Or did he choose to ignore them and hop over the fence?

Let’s back up a minute.

Imagine The Fool has come from those snowy mountains. Brrr. He’s go no pants on. Who runs around in the snow in their tights? Anyway, can you see him making a snow angel, flapping his arms with those wild bright sleeves in the powdery snow? Would he build a snowman? Throw snowballs at the little white dog? Or just plop down in it, legs stretched out in front of him, hands buried in the snow behind him, supporting his weight.

Take a moment to watch The Fool in the Snow.

And where do you suppose The Fool started this journey? Did he just walk out the door and go? Did he hitch a ride? Or drive? What kind of car might The Fool drive? How often do you think he would go in for an oil change?

Now take a moment to imagine the beginning of The Fool’s journey.

And what do you think The Fool was doing the day before his journey began? Imagine The Fool playing pool, or getting a tarot reading at a street fair. What cards might come up for him? Imagine him dancing at a party or reading his poetry at a slam. Rewind a day or two and imagine The Fool at school. Which seat would he take in the classroom? What would his teachers say about him? His classmates?

Take a moment to imagine what The Fool was doing in the days before his journey began.

Okay. Now back to the edge of the cliff. Where will he go from here? Will he fall to his death? Or maybe it’s not such a big drop after all and solid ground is but a few feet away. Would he laugh at us for telling him to be careful? Or would he roll his eyes? Maybe he’ll just sit on the edge and dangle his feet for a while, or turn back.

Take a moment to imagine yourself at the edge of the cliff, in conversation with The Fool. Do you have any personal stories to share with him? How about advice?

The transcript for this journey with The Fool is posted at tarot-table-talk.com. I invite you to write in with any discoveries you made about The Fool.

Big thanks to my husband, Jared Simpson, for creating the music for this podcast.

Stay tuned for the next episode of Tarot Table Talk.

2 Responses to “Episode 1 of the Tarot Table Talk Podcast”

  1. Shannon Says:

    Great job! I spend a lot of time at a computer and I love listening to podcasts – they’re really good for the LA traffic too. Can’t wait for the next one.


  2. Susan Gold Says:

    Thanks so much for taking the time to write in, Shannon! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your encouragement! Another episode is in the works, and I hope to have it out next week.

    I love listening to podcasts, too. Yes, they’re definitely good for computer time and traffic, and I also like listening to them at the gym. They keep me on a machine longer than music will–and since I have a hard time getting to the gym at all, that means something to me. 🙂

    Thanks again!

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