The High Priestess Goes Swimming

The High Priestess

Sometimes when The High Priestess card turns up, I’d like to shove her stately ass aside and tear down that pomegranate veil. I want to take a good look at that body of water behind her. I imagine stars out there, and maybe a dock. Mostly I want to dive deep and swim far.

I love to swim. I’ve always loved to swim, and this week I’ve gotten back into the water after a long absence. That first afternoon, when I slipped in and sprung off the wall, going as far under as my breath would take me, I thought of The High Priestess—queen of the watery world of the subconscious.

Swimming on the surface, you can hear the pool’s generator, which hums rather loudly, and then there’s the kids, of course, laughing and screaming their heads off in the recreation lanes. Submerge, and you can’t hear a thing, not even your name. It’s utter solitude down there—just you, alone, till you have to come up for air. Could there be a better place to turn within? To tap into those experiences and feelings submerged long ago?

My question is, Why does The High Priestess screen off the pool behind her? Is she afraid we’ll catch her swimming in the nude? Or maybe she just doesn’t like to share a lane!


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