The charioteer goes to the amusement park

The Chariot

Have you ever seen those photo booths at an amusement park, or maybe the county fair? They provide costumes and sets and you can stage a family photo in a wild west saloon—Mom the sexy bar wench, Dad the piano player, pounding out a ragtime tune, and little Jason with the sheriff’s badge.

Well, sometimes the charioteer strikes me as a guy posing at a photo booth. It isn’t his idea—his girlfriend has dragged him there with the promise of a wild night.

They put what could be an apron over his Kelly’s Pub t-shirt and his long cotton shorts and strap cheap plastic moons to his shoulders. The wig, with the crown sewn on, is slipping, and the belt is too big.

He steps into the chariot, a wooden set that creaks and groans under his weight. And then they hand him a wand. What the hell is he supposed to do with a wand?

His girlfriend thinks it’s a riot.


3 Responses to “The charioteer goes to the amusement park”

  1. Carole Says:

    Susan, your idea fascinates me! Especially since this week is Halloween– when we get to disguise ourselves as anything we want to be, if only for a night, and everyone who sees us accepts us as our costume. If the bogus charioteer finds himself in an incongruous and bewildering position, he still has the wand! He might find out he likes controlling those horses, guiding the chariot on his own path. I’m never sure if people dress up like their real selves on Halloween, or if they just like to try on a character that they would never dare to be in “real life.” I like to think about what will happen to that young man, thrust into the facade of an archetype, acting as if he is assuming the reins of his life with power and elegance.

  2. Tarot Dame Says:

    This is HILARIOUS!!! Thank you so much for such a wonderful laugh! 🙂

  3. Susan Gold Says:

    Thank you both for writing in!

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