Tarot Goes to School


My day gig is as a high school teacher, and, Carole, the teacher I share a room with, gave me my first tarot reading. I got hooked, and she mentored me in the art. Carole has been our department’s resident reader for years. She reads at department get-togethers and writes beautiful year-card readings for teachers’ birthdays.

I have found “clients” from another department that I was involved with for a while. After school I’ll draw the blinds and lock the door, spread a cloth over a desk, pull out the cards, and hope the custodian doesn’t come in.

Yesterday, Carole and I received an urgent email mid morning. It was from a department head who was concerned about a teacher. “She needs a reading, and she’s open to it. Are one of you available?”

Even at the district-wide, back-to-school convocation when we were all crammed in theater seats, a colleague who has been studying tarot for some time, leaned over, pointing to the administrator at the mic. “Every time I see her, I think of The Empress,” she whispered.

Who says tarot hasn’t gone mainstream? 🙂

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