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Tarot of the Crone, 5 of Wands Five of Wands

I was away from the computer yesterday and am delighted to see the discussion that went on regarding the post: Choose your card for the week of 3/16/08. The Tarot of the Crone, by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince is such an inspiring deck.

Cathy’s question about card meanings varying from deck to deck, and Ellen’s response, which I read late last night, clearly influenced a dream I had this morning. In it, my brother was doing a reading for himself with a Rider-Waite deck, which has been a favorite of mine, and the one I typically read with. The dream took place in the back seat of a car—we were on a road trip, and I was there trying to keep the cards in the spread from sliding all over the place. He picked up the Knight of Wands and said, “What does it mean?” I asked him to tell me what he saw, and he enthusiastically delivered an interpretation that had nothing to do with the traditional meaning of the card. (I wish I could remember what he said!) My response was, “Well, there you go. You don’t need me to tell you what the card means.” The dream morphed and some of the cards were lost and then the whole deck. We reached our destination, and I anxiously searched under the seats and through bags and suitcases. Other decks kept turning up in different sizes and themes, but all I could focus on was finding my missing Rider-Waite. I woke up and looked at my tarot altar. For the first time yesterday morning, I had placed non-Rider-Waite cards there. The reading I did with the Tarot of the Crone moved me so much that I wanted to preserve it and simply put the Rider-Waite deck aside. I’ve got tons of decks that I love to play with, but I’ve been holding on a little too tightly to that classic RW.

Like many readers, when I give a reading, I always first encourage the seeker to tell me what he or she sees, and I really do believe that there isn’t one “right” interpretation. And yet, if I’m honest with myself, I must recognize that I’ve been unconsciously and irrationally thinking about the RW deck as the definitive deck.

The discussion yesterday, along with my dream, has made me think about the connection between reader and deck creator. The deck creator is a special kind of reader who visually manifests their interpretation of the tarot. He or she may embrace or redefine the ideas behind more traditional decks—and certainly there is no one “right” way to go about it. I suppose this is obvious, but I’m really feeling it in my heart and am excited by all the different visions in my collection.

Anyway, I love Tarot of the Crone because it is so original—and haunting as Jan said—and worth a second look as Carly said. I think the uniqueness of the philosophy behind this deck is what has stirred us all.

Image from Tarot of the Crone is reproduced with permission from Ellen Lorenzi-Prince. Image from Rider-Waite Tarot is reproduced with permission from U.S. Games, Inc.

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