You Can’t Take It with You

It’s closet cleaning time—time to purge. Summer vacation has begun, and there’s no more excuses. I start with my teaching files and get three grocery bags of recyling. I weed out the bookshelves again. It seems they’re just as full, though I guess there’s a little more room to walk around the bed. I fill the trunk and backseat of the car with donations—old clothes, lamps, purses and so on. Then things get a little tougher. There’s that stack of high school yearbooks, notes passed during class in 6th grade, my Bat Mitzvah practice folder, way too many photos…. I’m about 80% ready to toss it all, can already anticipate what it will be like to open a closet door without things tumbling out. There’s that 20%, though—that habit of holding on. And then a thought occurs to me. If I were to drop dead tomorrow, my husband would have one hell of a time cleaning up after me. (He is appalled at the suggestion.) I stuff the garbage can with the unrecyclables and tape a tip to the lid for the guys who take away the heavy load. Today I pull these cards: Death and The Four of Pentacles.

2 Responses to “You Can’t Take It with You”

  1. Chris Butler Says:

    What a potent combination. I’ve recently designed a Lenormand deck and consequently, I’ve been reading with Lenormand cards as much as I’ve been using the Tarot. In Lenormand readings, surrounding cards can significantly influence or change the meaning of an individual card and using them has made me re-evaluate the Tarot in the same way. Your choice of two cards has really resonated for me in this respect.
    Chris. xx

  2. Susan Gold Says:


    I’m so glad you wrote. Your comment took me to your blogs, which I’ve linked to, and your tarot art. I’ve been enjoying it all. I’ve just pre-ordered The Quantum Tarot. Can’t wait till it comes out! Congratulations to you and Kay!

    I knew nothing about the Mlle. Lenormand oracles, so it was fun looking into that. I like the artwork for your Technoracle very much! Is there a book you like that discusses the tradition of reading with the Lenormand oracle?


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