Choose your card for the week of 6/29/08

Choose your card for the week from Feng Shui Tarot by Eileen Connolly, illustrated by Peter Paul Connolly. When making your selection, don’t worry about what the cards mean. Base your choice on the pictures—the stories they tell and how they make you feel.

Let us know which card you chose—post a comment!

For those who are curious, Black Tortoise = Wands; Red Phoenix = Cups; White Tiger = Swords; and Green Dragon = Pentacles.



5 Responses to “Choose your card for the week of 6/29/08”

  1. TarotByArwen Says:

    I was torn between the top three but ended up landing on the Phoenix. Interesting that the tortoise would represent wands and the Phoenix cups. I am having difficulty wrapping my mind around that being a water card!

    Phoenix has meaning in my life right now. I just blogged the other day about the Death card in one of my favorite decks (World Spirit Tarot) that shows the Phoenix rising up.

    Not positive what I am rising up from, but I know I’ll be happy to shake off these ashes.

  2. cathepsut Says:

    Phoenix from the Ashes!

    Well, not quite, but moving is quite a cleansing event.
    My mum always says that moving once equals the house burning down at least three times. I don’t think it’s quite as catastrophic. It’s a great opportunity to get rid of a lot of useless stuff that acummulates over time.
    I tossed out so many things back in Cairo! And once I am going to empty out that container in the coming weeks, I’ll probably throw out even more.
    At least living this expat-gypsy lifestyle for one and a half decades has kept my materialistic strain in check. Too much effort to have lots of pretty things. Other things are much more important – mainly the people that make a difference in your life!

  3. Sonia Says:

    Transition as I settle into a new (extremely hectic) life in Berlin…

  4. rebecca Says:

    Black Tortoise-Eight

    The tortoise was alone, heading over a bridge, towards the unknown. And it spoke to me.

  5. Annette Says:

    For some reason I’m loving the tiger. Normally I’m not a fan of the swords, but hmmm, maybe in this case it has a message I need.

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