What an Honor!

What an honor for Tarot Table Talk to be reviewed by Stephanie Arwen Lynch on her blog, Musings on the Tarot!

Arwen was my mentor at the American Tarot Association’s Free Tarot Network. She is one energetic lady who gives generously to the tarot community. In addition to being a professional tarot consult and blogger, she is president of the American Tarot Association and a terrific tarot teacher who offers online classes and workshops, including Tarot for Writers—see her professional site as well as her blog for more information.

You will want to visit Musings on the Tarot, if you haven’t already. You’ll love it! Arwen is a prolific blogger, who posts quite frequently. She reviews blogs, gives tarot lessons, shares spreads, and writes extensively and thoughtfully about the cards.

On Wednesday, July 16, from 11 PM to 12 midnight EST, Arwen will be a guest on Raven Radio. She’ll be talking about tarot and doing readings, so tune in—and call-in, for it’s a call-in show!

2 Responses to “What an Honor!”

  1. TarotByArwen Says:

    Whoa! You just blew me away, Susan. Thank you so much! I love sharing about other people’s blogs on mine! And yours is one of my faves!

  2. Susan Gold Says:

    Thanks, Arwen! Right back at ya! I’m very excited about your blog.

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