Choose your card for the week of 9/28/08

Big thanks to Bob at Carte Karuta for generously donating this deck!

Choose your card for the week from Egorov Tarot, Gold Edition, by Alexander Egorov (published by Piatnik). When making your selection, don’t worry about what the cards mean. Base your choice on the pictures—the stories they tell and how they make you feel.

Let us know which card you chose—post a comment!


7 Responses to “Choose your card for the week of 9/28/08”

  1. cat Says:

    I’ll choose the 9 Cups………….makes me think of the Pied Piper and with grandchildren staying reflects the carefree good times and happiness we’re sharing.

    Cat 🙂

  2. Mouse Says:

    Thanks Susan, I’m going to choose the Ace of Coins, that beautiful orange colour makes me think of a curtain connecting two worlds at once 🙂

    x Mouse

  3. Kay Says:

    I’m torn between the Ace of coins and 9 of cups. They’re both lovely cards, but the Ace is probably the most appropriate for me this week as this is definitely a time for building solid foundations for me.

    What a pretty deck! 🙂

  4. cathepsut Says:

    I like the Ace of Coins. The colours make me feel comfortable and it’s nice and calm. Too much going on in the other ones, this one is giving me more of a quite center.

  5. Kristine Gazel Says:

    I’ll choose the Science. Guess I’m attracted to the duality of the card, and the feeling that spirituality and science are not at odds here.
    Love, Gazel

  6. Sylke Says:

    I’ll choose the Ace of Coin!
    Wonderful card, I like the cornfield.
    Well done.

    Best wishes,

  7. mike harris Says:

    I just found your blog on google. I really liked it and now I will share it with my friends.

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