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Thank you

November 17, 2008

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Eight of Cups

Dear Readers,

Last February, I posted an entry titled, “Tug of War: The Fool, Eight of Swords and Knight of Pentacles.” I was contemplating a new endeavor, one that involved some risk, and felt the adventurous tug of The Fool pulling me in one direction, and the cautious tug of the Knight of Pentacles pulling me in the other direction. The Fool won, and what a experience it has been.

I’m at a new juncture of the journey and have made another hard decision—this time to let go of this blog so that I can further focus my energy on this new path. No doubt, if you are a regular visitor, you have noticed that I haven’t been posting, so this may not be a surprise.

I want to thank you all for your visits and comments, which have meant so much and have brought me such joy.