Choose your card for the week of 10/18/09

Vampire Tarot, 5 of Holy Water Vampire Tarot, 8 of Garlic Flowers Vampire Tarot, Fate

Vampier Tarot, Queen of Holy Water Vampire Tarot, 5 of Stakes Vampire Tarot, The World

Choose your card for the week from the Vampire Tarot by Robert Place. When making your selection, don’t worry about what the cards mean. Base your choice on the pictures—the stories they tell and how they make you feel.

Let us know which card you choose—post a comment!

P.S. That’s Pamela Colman Smith, artist of the classic 1909 Rider-Waite deck, as the Queen of Holy Water!

P.S.S. Kristine Gazel, the author of Kristine Gazel Tarot Web chose the Fate card for her card of the week. See her blog entry for her thoughtful response to the card.  Her blog is terrific and reflects her interest in tarot and alchemy. She has extensively explored Robert Place’s Alchemical Tarot there.

6 Responses to “Choose your card for the week of 10/18/09”

  1. Kristine Gazel Says:

    I’m choosing the Wheel of Fortune or Fate as it is called here.
    I really like how Place has depicted the three Fates that spin and cut our threads of life. And his choice of the alchmeical colours black, red and white.

  2. submerina Says:

    Fate caught my eye instantly, too. It’s the colours, the light and dark and especially the way the moirae have their backs to the “audience” – you cannot know your fate! I expect if you disturbed these ladies, they would turn around with mouth full of sharp, pointy teeth and red eyes. Do not disturb! 🙂

  3. Kay Stopforth Says:

    Another one for the Fate/Wheel of Fortune card. 🙂 It’s such an evocative, luscious image, and I like the axis between night and day, the bat and the vampire.

    Great to see the blog back!

  4. janet robson Says:

    I chose the 8 of garlic flowers, this flower symbol has been popping up and following me around everywhere this week. So i wonder if this is significant

  5. Susan Gold Says:

    Thank you all for writing in—I love seeing these cards through your eyes!

  6. Sonia Says:

    It’s good to see you back!

    I choose the 8 of Garlic Flowers (how perfect for a vampire deck!). I’m taking a science writing class and am at the stage where I’m trying to make every word in my latest article count. I appreciate the man’s focus as he builds… whatever it is he’s building. Coffins?

    Actually, now that I look at the cards again, the man in the 5 of Stakes also seems to be similarly involved in focused crafting work.

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