Lunchtime Tarot Exercise for 11/6/09

Lunchtime Tarot is a come-when-you-can group that meets  each Friday at my office in San Mateo, CA. I post the exercises here each week for those who are unable to slip away to join us.

I developed the exercise below from one I posted a couple years ago.

Anastasia Haysler of Tarot-To-Go participated in this class and wrote about it here on her blog, Tarot Pathways. I’m looking forward to attending Anastasia’s next Second Saturday Tarot Class in San Francisco. Check out her schedule here.

Point of View

Go through the deck and pull out all the cards that a particular person in your life might use to describe you. This person in your life might be

  • someone who is a significant ally in your life right now—someone who knows you and supports you. This might be a partner, a parent, a sibling, a co-worker, a friend, etc.
  • an acquaintance who doesn’t know you very well. This might be a store clerk, your mail carrier, a co-worker from a different department, a friend of a friend, etc.
  • a family member or a pet.
  • a childhood friend that you have lost touch with.
  • a teenage friend that you have lost touch with.
  • an ex love.
  • a nemesis.

For each round, record the cards that you have selected, so that you can see how many come up multiple times.

Consider that each card has a light side and shadow side. You might discover that one person in your life might describe you as the shadow side of a card while another might describe you as the light side of the same card.

For reflection:

  • Are you surprised by any of the cards that you have chosen?
  • Have any forgotten memories surfaced?
  • Have any surprising feelings surfaced?
  • What have you learned about yourself and the way others might see you?
  • Which cards do you feel best describe who you are, or who you were at another time in your life?

2 Responses to “Lunchtime Tarot Exercise for 11/6/09”

  1. Anastasia Haysler Says:

    Susan – I loved this class! Thank you for starting this series.

    I posted about it on my blog at

    See you next Friday!


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    […] Lunchtime Tarot: Point of View, 11/7/09 […]

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