Choose your card for the week of 11/29/09

Choose your card for the week from The Tarot of Trees by Dana Driscoll. When making your selection, don’t worry about what the cards mean. Base your choice on the pictures—the stories they tell and how they make you feel.

Let us know which card you choose—post a comment! (Put your cursor over each card to see its title.)

Isn’t this a gorgeous deck?! I recently stumbled onto and was mesmerized. On her site, Dana Driscoll includes images of each of the 78 cards and discusses her artistic process, which I find fascinating. She even includes photos of the Three of Swords in various stages. There are decks and deck sets for purchase on the site along with other Tarot of Trees goodies such as incense tins, original prints, hand painted boxes, and silk wraps.

The cards are tactilely pleasing. They are a nice size for shuffling—2.5″ x 3.5″, have rounded corners and are thin and flexible, yet sturdy and slick with a glossy lamination. The colors are vibrant and the cards have a nice thin black border—not shown above.

It is fun to look through the images and discover all the creative ways Dana has used trees as metaphor. The Rider-Waite-Smith deck is a clear influence, but the tree theme provides new interpretations. See the Five of Cups and Six of Pentacles above and compare:

There are also refreshing and surprising departures such as the Ten of Wands. Compare the card above with this one:

This deck would make a great holiday gift for a tarot enthusiast, art or nature lover.


4 Responses to “Choose your card for the week of 11/29/09”

  1. Debbie Says:

    This deck is just beautiful! I was moved and have stories to tell about a number of the cards, but for this post, I’ll pick the 10 of Wands. In this card, I see two side-by-side trees intertwining and protecting/nurturing a seedling that is growing between them. The story that comes to mind, for me, is that these two trees represent metaphorical parents, and the seedling represents a new life in utero. The sun is up above, but the seedling remains in the shade. Perhaps even if the two trees have the best intention of shading the seedling, they are also inadvertently stunting it’s growth. We can see that the seedling wants to grow wildly but is somewhat held back by the two trees tightly interlaced just above it. This all makes me wonder what part of me I have been keeping on “lock down.” What part of me, with the best of intentions to protect, have I actually been suppressing and asking to live in the shadows? It makes me wonder where I need to loosen up and let go so that real growth can emerge more easily, freely, and naturally.

  2. submerina Says:

    Debbie, I love your insight into this card – what part of yourself have you been keeping in the shadows and where do you need loosening up – brilliant! The way the tree branches are intertwined is decorative and lovely, but it reminds me of one of the homes that has been designed past all inhabitability. Yes, it looks nice, but can you live there? I guess the same could be said for the internal homes we build for ourselves.

    I also had a hard time choosing, as this deck is just soooo expressive, but I settled on the 6 of Swords with its gorgeous autumnal atmosphere. This card uses one of my favourite colour-range combinations – so there’s that – but the scene itself is so… still. The pause, rest, peace after strife that the 6/S promises is tangible in this card and what I really like is that it lacks the sense of heavy mantle of sorrow that most 6/S wear. You can tell there’s been a battle, but the water is coming in and washing it away; nature endures and the petty wars of man fade into history.

    The composition of the scene really draws me in, directing my attention to the far shore; I barely notice the swords in the forefront of the card. The way the tress curve gently downwards also suggest protection, or guidance. Gentle encouragement. They make me think of the ladies of Avalon who came to collect Arthur when he fell on the battlefield!

  3. Angela Says:

    I choose the Ten of Wands, as well. For me, it’s due to the two trees being interlocked, but as though in battle, stopping any new, positive growth together (holding each other back).

    Someone I am close to, and I, are taking a break from speaking, after arguing last week. He spoke of backing off for a while, but I’m not sure that we should start talking again, at all ~ I hardly ever feel that way concerning my relationships, but as upset as I was feeling (and, I’m sure, will feel again before long), I’m also feeling freed up, like that little shoot trying to grow. 🙂 (That would be where the Six of Swords comes in…)

  4. Susan Gold Says:

    You all have given me an even deeper appreciation of these cards. Such wonderful insights and personal connections. Thank you!

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