Lunchtime tarot exercise for 12/4/09

The internet is full of advice in the form of bulleted lists. A Google search for “five ways to” yielded these results:

  • avoid a Black Friday trampling
  • improve your memory
  • keep laptop thieves from jacking your data
  • tell you’re ovulating
  • speak like Obama

For this exercise, you might randomly draw and/or consciously select three to five tarot cards to help you

  • say no
  • cope with stress
  • stop procrastinating
  • curb your spending
  • grow your business
  • engage your audience
  • impress your boss
  • get in shape
  • find love
  • etc.

You might also pull three to five cards to help you

  • accept, tame, or enhance your inner Fool
  • be The Magician
  • face The Emperor in your life
  • avoid the shadow side of The Tower
  • bounce back from a Three or Ten of Swords experience

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