A tarot dream

This morning I dreamt that I was at a Thai restaurant with my family. While the waiter was taking orders, I turned around and noticed the party behind me. Each person at the table had a poster-sized tarot card attached to his or her shirt. The deck and the cards were unfamiliar but clearly tarot. The man closest to me wasn’t wearing a poster-sized card but had a Rider-Waite Nine of Wands tucked behind his ear.

It’s not easy to tuck a tarot card behind one’s ear. I gave it a try the second I woke up!

3 Responses to “A tarot dream”

  1. Debbie Says:

    That is interesting, Susan!!! Hmmm…The first thing that came to me when I read your post (aside from “what do YOU see in the IX of Wands” :)) ) was that this man in the image is thinking of branching out. Magicians often pull something out from behind their ear – this magician in your dream was wearing the card prominently tucked behind his ear – so the magic was there for you to see and discover on your own – he didn’t pull it out and show it to you – you noticed it and clearly remembered the card very specifically upon awakening. I see the character in the card as grabbing a wand and “branching out” from everything else that is going on in his life. Just my thoughts! 🙂

  2. Susan Gold Says:

    Dang, Debbie—you’re good!

    What do I see? Yes, now that’s a good question. I loved having the tarot appear in my dream, and I’ve been thinking about that card all day, but it just hasn’t been speaking to me. He looks battle weary and guarded, and like he could be defending his territory. I’ve been there, but not today so much.

    I thought about what was happening in the dream and asked myself, “Where is this happening in your life?” I came up with nothing significant.

    Now, your interpretation speaks to me! Yes, I am trying to branch out—what a great phrase to think about in association with the suit of Wands. You’ve also shown me that there was another hidden tarot card in the dream—The Magician! Very cool. I like your idea that I discovered the magic on my own. 🙂

    Thank you for making this dream so much more meaningful!

  3. Debbie Says:

    I am so glad that you like my interpretation and found it helpful! :)))

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