Tarot for creativity – assignment #3

Identify an outfit you have that reflects the spirit of a tarot figure. Lay the outfit out on the floor, complete with shoes and accessories. Place the card on or near the outfit, and take a photo. (I got this idea from the Learning to Love You More site. Here’s their assignment. Click on the names under “Reports” to see what participants submitted.)


My Magician's outfit. (The Magician came out a bit fuzzy, but he's there!) I used to do readings at parties, and this was one of my costumes.


I’d love to post your photos, and I encourage you to email them to me: susan(at)tarotinsights(dot)net. Include your name (last name optional), your location, and the name of the deck you used.

Click here for all of the Tarot for Creativity posts. Click here for the introduction to these posts.


3 Responses to “Tarot for creativity – assignment #3”

  1. submerina Says:

    Ooooooooh! I haven’t checked in here for a while (after the hiatus last year), but now I’m so inspired! Clothes AND tarot?? Now you’re talking my language. How will I make it ’til morning? 😉

  2. submerina Says:

    I flung open my cupboard this morning, only to be reminded that 90% of my clothes are in various shades of black >.< I *will* figure ot a way around this!

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