Tarot for creativity – assignment #4

Take a photo of The Chariot in your car, fueling up at the station, or any other place that suits this card.

The Chariot takes the wheel. (Rider-Waite deck.)

I’d love to post your photos, and I encourage you to email them to me: susan(at)tarotinsights(dot)net. Include your name (last name optional), your location, and the name of the deck you used.

Click here for all of the Tarot for Creativity posts. Click here for the introduction to these posts.


2 Responses to “Tarot for creativity – assignment #4”

  1. Orna Ben-Shoshan Says:

    Request for review:

    Dear Friend,

    My newly published product – the “Tokens of Light”, just came out.
    This is another self-guidance and divination tool, based on the wisdom of the Jabbalah. Its motto is: 66 paths for insights and predictionaccording to the Hebrew Alphabet
    It is already on my website at this location:

    This is a new concept both in design and content: the knowledge is based on the 22 Hebrew letters and their meanings in different aspects of life. I used the Hebrew alphabet because according to the Kabbalah, they represent the universal DNA, and everything was created by the attributes of the lerres individually, and the different (and endless) letter combinations.

    The design is different and innovative by itself, instead of a card deck, I created 66 double sided “coins” that are packes in a fancy cloth bag. Shuffling is done by placing the hand in the bag, mixing and drawing the coins.
    The detailed booklet gives a general explanation about the power of the 22 Hebrew letters, detailed answers to each coin, and suggested (simple) spreads.
    The writing of the content was very challenging, I used the knowledge of the letters as a guideline, and I feel I did a good job.
    I already tested my set of definitions by doing many readings for people through email, and the responses were good.

    Enclosed is a data page about the “Tokens of Light”.

    Would you like to write a review about the “Tokens of Light”?
    It will be wonderful if you could find the time, and I’ll only need your shipping address again for a sample set.



  2. tarot amor Verdadero Says:

    tarot amor Verdadero

    Tarot for creativity – assignment #4 | Tarot Table Talk

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