Tarot for creativity – assignment #6

Take a photo of a cup or glass with a cup card.

Recently a shelf came crashing down, and this tiny tea cup got smashed to bits. It belonged to my grandmother, and my mother gave it to me with a flower in it when I had walking pneumonia. When I picked up the shards, it felt like a Five of Cups moment. The card is from Arnell Ando's, Transformational Tarot.

I’d love to post your photos, and I encourage you to email them to me: susan(at)tarotinsights(dot)net. Include your name (last name optional), your location, and the name of the deck you used.

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3 Responses to “Tarot for creativity – assignment #6”

  1. Voyance Says:

    Hello, I just throw a glance at your article. To create a game, I badly explained it is not necessarily a tarot deck, but an oracle, I began to have some cards … It’s okay but I think you really nice and thank you

  2. smithford Says:

    I would strongly suggest taking the best pieces of the pottery and having an expert make it into a necklace. If you have more than one good piece I’d have those made into necklaces, too, and hand out to nieces, nephews or cousins.

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