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Tarot Art by Ghena Kaddoura

May 10, 2011

I have an incredibly gifted artist in one of the high school Mythology classes I teach. Her name is Ghena Kaddoura, and she’s getting ready to graduate in a few weeks. Imagine my surprise when I walked into the classroom and saw this on Ghena’s desk one morning! Isn’t it stunning?! She cut up an entire Rider-Waite deck to create this piece.

When I asked her about it, Ghena explained that she wanted to make a collage of a body, and that tarot cards seemed most fitting to use for medium because they represent our emotions and the experiences we go through. “They represent life,” she said so aptly.

I’m grateful to Ghena for giving me permission to post her work here. (Click here for a larger version.)

Untitled acrylic and tarot cards on paper by Ghena Kaddoura