Tarot for creativity – assignment #7

Take a photo of the Three of Wands from a vista point.

Went on a family drive to the coast, and I remembered that this Rider-Waite Three of Wands was in a notebook I always carry. I didn’t have any other cards with me. Didn’t have my camera either. My dad saw me struggling with the camera on my phone and offered to take these with his Canon. I especially love how he posed the first one.

My dad had no idea about my Tarot for Creativity posts, and he didn’t ask any questions about what the card was, where it came from, or why I wanted a picture of it. I haven’t talked all that much about tarot with him and am not sure he even knew it was a tarot card he was photographing. I think he just saw an opportunity to be creative, and being a super creative spirit, that’s all that mattered. He even offered to Photoshop the image into the scene to make it seamless, but since we’ve got relatives from different parts of the country visiting for a reunion/Bay Area vacation, I thought I’d keep my requests simple. 🙂

* * *

I’d love to post your photos, and I encourage you to email them to me: susan(at)tarotinsights(dot)net. Include your name (last name optional), your location, and the name of the deck you used.

2 Responses to “Tarot for creativity – assignment #7”

  1. Sarah Helena Says:

    Tell me will be more assignments like these! I found your blog today and I will do all tarot for creativity assigments.

  2. Wendy Says:

    Excellent pics. What a neat idea.
    I read your article at http://www.allthingshealing.com/Tarot/To-Share-or-not-To-Share-Coming-out-as-a-Tarotist/6408

    To Share or Not to Share. Coming out as a Tarotist.
    Very well done and so true. I, also, was afraid to come out of my tarot shell but a little time took care of all that. 🙂

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