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21st Century Tarot with James Wanless, Ph.D.

June 19, 2008

Fellow tarot enthusiasts, here’s a great find! I highly recommed the DVD, 21st Century Tarot with James Wanless, Ph.D, Episode 1: Tarot into the Light. (Running Time: 55 minutes. Price: $24.95.) In this video, Anastasia Haysler, host of the Tarot Pathways podcast, interviews James Wanless, creator of Voyager Tarot, at Fields Book Store in San Francisco, California. There are also clips from Wanless’s presentation at the 2007 World Tarot Day event, hosted by Tarot-To-Go.

To see a couple excerpts from the video or to purchase one, go to the Tarot Media Company.

I have been fortunate to see James Wanless speak at the Bay Area Tarot Symposium a couple times, and I was so happy to be able to purchase this DVD to watch at home. This will no doubt also make him more accessible to those who would otherwise have to travel great distances to see him. Wanless is a delightful, engaging speaker, and I appreciate the way he promotes tarot for the mainstream. In the video, he explains that today, reading the tarot is no longer considered fortune telling. Unlike the old world where one would consult a psychic authority figure, a person today can be empowered to use their own cards as a tool for their own “fortune creation.” Wanless emphasizes that in the 21st century, “it’s power back to the people.” In this episode, there is even a segment in which he talks about how as a corporate trainer he uses the tarot in order to initiate communication between staff members and to encourage creativity.

Anastasia Haysler is a great interviewer. She radiates warmth and enthusiasm and asks great questions, but like all good interviewers, she lets her guest speak.

At the end of the episode, Wanless gives Haysler a two-card reading, and it’s a treat to see his conversational style.

I can’t wait for Episode 2 to come out!

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