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All Things Healing

November 20, 2010

I recently learned about All Things Healing when one of their editors asked permission to republish one of my blog entries: “To Share or not To Share: Coming out as a Tarotist.”

All Things Healing is fantastic! The site offers a thriving community and vast resources for those interested in all facets of the healing arts, including Tarot. ATH also focuses on sustainable and healthy living, and other ways individuals can help heal the planet. What I love most about ATH is its collaborative spirit. Contributors include a host of writers, teachers, and practitioners, who offer a wide array of  voices, perspectives, and approaches.

Quantum Tales: Find Your Story with the Tarot

August 6, 2008

Kay Stopforth has a new tarot blog, Quantum Tales, which writers will love! Here’s how she describes it:

“Quantum Tales is a five-part story development process for writers. I’ve evolved it to make my own storytelling process more conscious and I hope it will help you to do the same. I suggest that using the tarot may help you to build a bridge between the analytical mind and the protean realm of the imagination. With the cards providing a firm symbolic foundation, you can hone your imaginative instincts and analytical edge, getting them communicating with each other, reaching a better understanding of the story you’re trying to tell.”

In addition to explaining the process clearly, she also demonstrates how she is applying the process to a novel she is working on.

There are a lot of writers out there who will appreciate having a new method for using the tarot to stimulate and develop story.

You will also want to visit Kay’s blog, Quantum Tarot. I love her writing on each of the major arcana cards. She includes a list of questions, quotes, things to do, and movies that correspond with each card, and her interpretations are great.

Kay is the co-creator (with Chris Butler) of the Quantum Tarot, which is due out at the beginning of September. I pre-ordered a deck a while ago, and my heart skipped a beat the other day when I got an email with the subject: UPS Quantum View. I saw the words “UPS” and “Quantum” and leaped to the conclusion that my deck was on its way. Closer examination revealed that this was an email from UPS, who calls their tracking site Quantum View. My Chimes Ginger Chews are on their way. Nice, but I’ll take the Quantum Tarot over the ginger chews any day! 🙂

What an Honor!

July 13, 2008

What an honor for Tarot Table Talk to be reviewed by Stephanie Arwen Lynch on her blog, Musings on the Tarot!

Arwen was my mentor at the American Tarot Association’s Free Tarot Network. She is one energetic lady who gives generously to the tarot community. In addition to being a professional tarot consult and blogger, she is president of the American Tarot Association and a terrific tarot teacher who offers online classes and workshops, including Tarot for Writers—see her professional site as well as her blog for more information.

You will want to visit Musings on the Tarot, if you haven’t already. You’ll love it! Arwen is a prolific blogger, who posts quite frequently. She reviews blogs, gives tarot lessons, shares spreads, and writes extensively and thoughtfully about the cards.

On Wednesday, July 16, from 11 PM to 12 midnight EST, Arwen will be a guest on Raven Radio. She’ll be talking about tarot and doing readings, so tune in—and call-in, for it’s a call-in show!