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Get a free tarot card reading by Debbie at Sulilo!

February 13, 2010

Debbie at Sulilo is offering a free one-card tarot reading using the Housewives Tarot deck. Choose one of the cards in her video and post a question in the comment section.

I know Debbie to be a sensitive, wise, and ethical reader and also recommend her other videos at Sulilo: Self-Care through the Balance of Body-Mind-Spirit.

Music Video with Tarot

July 17, 2008

My dear friend Patsy made this charming video to Stevie Nicks’ song, “Sara.” She uses four tarot cards to structure the narrative. Enjoy!

You might also want to visit Patsy’s blog, Count All This. There, she has posted her latest novel, Count All This, soon to be published in the U.K. Warning: You won’t be able to tear yourself away once you start reading. It’s powerful and beautifully written. The blog also has other writing by Patsy, including her poetry and her Homefront column, published by our local papers. My favorite column is “Give Girls Their Sexual Power.” She’s also just begun posting collage art. She’s got oodles of talent!

Here’s the virtual book jacket blurb for Count All This:

Jo Kasten’s middle child has always been difficult. Fiery, defiant, startlingly handsome and hyper intelligent, Eddy’s childhood years were full of turmoil and conflict. But when he reaches manhood, things change–for the worse. Eddy’s struggle with schizophrenia begins in a men’s bathroom at a local junior college and carries him to the deepest recesses of the human mind. In the midst of his descent, Jo is diagnosed with breast cancer. Count All This is a story of love, madness, death, family loyalty and the primal bond between mothers and sons. Set in the frightening landscape of mental illness and physical disease, Count All This is a story of survival.