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Choose your card for the week of 11/8/09

November 8, 2009

Touchstone Tarot, 3 of Swords Touchstone Tarot, 4 of Swords Touchstone Tarot, 5 of Cups

Touchstone Tarot, 8 of Wands Touchstone Tarot, 10 of Coins Touchstone Tarot, Empress

Choose your card for the week from the Touchstone Tarot by Kat Black. When making your selection, don’t worry about what the cards mean. Base your choice on the pictures—the stories they tell and how they make you feel.

Let us know which card you choose—post a comment!

I love the Touchstone Tarot and carry it everywhere in my iPhone. See the Little White Book Tarot iPhone app for details.

Did you know this deck was made possible with the support of a secret benefactor, who admired Kat Black’s first deck, The Golden Tarot?  How cool is that?!

Like the Golden Tarot, Touchstone Tarot is a digital collage, blending elements from old European paintings. What makes the deck unique is that each card features a portrait of a figure whose posture and expression conveys the meaning of the card. Black says in the book that accompanies the Kunati edition, “I felt like a casting agent, seeking the perfect candidate for each role within the deck.” Because the deck features personalities, it is particularly suited for those who enjoy using the tarot to tell stories and inspire creative writing.

Leisa ReFalo of Tarot Connection published the first print edition of this deck, and then Kunati Books put out a second edition. I’m sad to learn that Kunati closed their doors in September due to the economic crisis. On her site, Black says that decks will be available for some time through Amazon. I see that Leisa ReFalo also has a few more left at the Tarot Connection shop.

The Tarot Connection edition comes in a special pouch made by Kat Black’s mom, and a touchstone amulet made by Kat Black.  The Kunati edition comes in a nice, sturdy flip top box. The cards are larger in the second edition and the coloring is a bit lighter—the details therefore more clear. The Kunati edition also comes with a terrific book that includes a list of the painting sources for each card as well as card meanings. The book also includes deck reviews by Dan Pelletier, and Bonnie Cehovet, a dedication by Mary Greer, a foreward by the secret benefactor, and an introduction by Kat Black. Deck collectors will want to have both editions.

Tarot Connection has a fascinating interview with Kat Black on the making of this deck. You can find it here.