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SF BATS was a blast!

October 6, 2008

The Bay Area Tarot Symposium was this past Saturday. What a blast! There were many fabulous presentations to choose from—three each hour. After much deliberation, I attended the following:

The Three-Card Drawing by Mary K. Greer and Nattacia Zeviar.

The Cosmic Tarot of the Spirit by Pamela Eakins.

Self-Publishing Tips and Tricks by Leisa ReFalo of the Tarot Connection.

Samhain and the Tarot by  Carole Pierce.

Evelyn Pine and I did a presentation on using the tarot to write a list poem. It’s always fun to present, but that meant having to miss RuthAnn and Wald Amberstone’s presentation: The Tarot Horse.

Evelyn and I started our presentation by having the group collaborate on a list poem inspired by the Two of Swords. Here’s what resulted:

I see a flying owl.
I see blue sapphire break light into facets.
I see tumbled clouds shadowed blue below.
I see a woman at arms.
I see a clashing of minds.
I see two interconnected spirals.
I see with my hands.
I see with eyes that do not see.

Ronda Kisner has graciously allowed me to publish the poem that she wrote during the presentation. She was working with the Alchemical Tarot deck.

I found home in the tragedy of death
I found home atop the pillar of life
I found home in the silence of night
I found home wading in the waters
I found home in the journey of strength
I found home wearing a purple dress

I found home in the giving of myself

-Ronda Kisner

If you ‘d like to listen to the podcast that Evelyn and I did on writing list poems, click here.