SF BATS 2010 Report

I attended the San Francisco Bay Area Tarot Symposium yesterday. It was terrific—as it is every year. There were three or four presentations offered each hour, and it was hard to make a selection. The sessions I ended up attending were all fantastic. Here's a bit about each: Leisa ReFalo's presentation on The Planetary Star... Continue Reading →

Card interpretations

I had a great one-on-one session tonight with Jessica Contreras, one of the women taking my beginning tarot class. Jessica had wonderful observations about the cards, which she has given me permission to share here. The Fool's brother Jessica, in part, interpreted this card to be about "stepping up." Jessica pointed out that the back... Continue Reading →

Teen Perspective: Knight of Cups

The tarot has been a great tool for a lesson on archetypes and the hero's journey in my high school Mythology class. Today a student looked at the Knight of Cups I had on large screen at the front of the classroom and said, "He's drinking and driving! Or, err, riding, that is." More teen... Continue Reading →

A tarot dream

This morning I dreamt that I was at a Thai restaurant with my family. While the waiter was taking orders, I turned around and noticed the party behind me. Each person at the table had a poster-sized tarot card attached to his or her shirt. The deck and the cards were unfamiliar but clearly tarot.... Continue Reading →

Tarot Exercise: Five ways to…

The internet is full of advice in the form of bulleted lists. A Google search for “five ways to” yielded these results: avoid a Black Friday trampling improve your memory keep laptop thieves from jacking your data For this exercise, you might randomly draw and/or consciously select three to five tarot cards to help you... Continue Reading →

Birth Card Reflection

The Tarot School has a birth card calculator. Birth Card Reflection Explore the imagery of the card. What detail stands out when you first look at the card? What is happening in the card? Is there a story there? Consider what might have happened five minutes earlier and what might happen five minutes later. What is... Continue Reading →

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